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The Herbalife Nutrition Foundation: Giving back

Created in 1994 the Herbalife Nutrition Foundation (HNF) is dedicated to improving children’s lives by helping organisations provide healthy nutrition to children at risk. HNF also often supports relief efforts in response to natural disasters, such as the recent Haiti earthquake. In 2005, HNF was proud to introduce its Casa Herbalife programme to help provide healthy and nutritious meals by partnering with existing charities serving children. The same year, the first European Casa Herbalife programme opened in Hungary, with Casa South Africa opening in 2006 and Casa Zambia in 2007.

Today, HNF supports over 130 Casa Herbalife programs in more than 50 countries and serves over 100,000 children. HNF is supported by Independent Herbalife Nutrition Employees and Members, and their friends and families.

How is HNF different to other charitable foundations?

When we invite an organisation to join Herbalife Nutrition, we make a commitment to provide support until the need no longer exists. We bring more than funding, by encouraging our entire Herbalife family to help support the needs of the children in our Casa Herbalife programmes.

Independent Herbalife Members, employees and friends support HNF and in order to keep doing this great work we are raising more funds at a local and regional level.

Learn more about HNF and the Casa Herbalife programmes near you and please consider donating.

Mark Hughes, Herbalife Founder, 1994
2006, Casa Herbalife South Africa
Opened in 2006, Casa Herbalife South Africa: ‘Acres of Love’ is based in Johannesburg.

Herbalife Nutrition Foundation (HNF) is a non-profit corporation dedicated to improving children's lives by helping organisations provide better nutrition to vulnerable children. HNF supports more than 130 Casa Herbalife programs globally and serves the daily nutritional needs of more than 100,000 children around the world. In Australia, HNF supports The Infants’ Home (NSW), The Lighthouse Foundation (VIC), Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation (WA), Sunshine Butterflies (QLD), and Power Community Limited (SA). In New Zealand, HNF supports Life Education. Click below to donate to support these organisations today.

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Casa Herbalife UK
Casa Herbalife UK has supported Action for Children, Hackney Young Carers programme since 2006
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