Hit107.1! Goes Healthy!


The Hit107.1! Breakfast Show in Adelaide is aiming to have the healthiest behind the scenes team on radio. With the Herbalife Nutrition global objective to make the world healthier and happier this was the perfect opportunity to support the radio team.

Early starts, long hours and the urge to reach for the endless chocolate bars and sweet sugary treats always around a radio station can lead to bad habits in the media. Herbalife Nutrition are supporting Bec and Cosi and the team at the Hit107.1! Breakfast Show, powering their morning with protein bars.

Both Bec (Rebecca Morse) and Cosi (Andrew Costello) start the morning on radio and need the fuel to carry them through to their roles on commercial TV, with Bec hosting the news for Network Ten in Adelaide and Cosi, filming his Channel 9 lifestyle program, South Aussie with Cosi.

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