2019 HNF Bike Ride Wrap Up


A group of inspirational Herbalife Nutrition Independent Members recently completed an epic 840km bike riding journey from Torquay to Adelaide where they crossed the finish line to a waiting crowd of Herbalife Nutrition Members on Thursday, 7 February. The 2019 HNF Bike Ride took six days for the 23 riders and 21 crew to complete and they arrived to enthusiastic cheers from fellow Members at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

Now in its sixth year, the HNF Bike Ride raises money for the six Casa centres across Australia and New Zealand, which supports charitable organisations that give vulnerable children the nutrition education they need to reach their full potential.

Kerrie Bowie, (Independent Herbalife Nutrition Member) one of the HNF Bike Ride organisers, said that seeing the comradery and the way that Herbalife Nutrition members come together to achieve a common goal is the best part of the annual event.

“Seeing people push their limits and friendships grow as we raise as much money as we can for the kids is what it’s all about – ultimately, that is why we started this event,” said Kerrie at the finish line in Adelaide.

The 2019 Bike Ride has raised in excess of $80,000 for the Herbalife Nutrition Foundation, totalling over $430,000 in the past six years.

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