HNF Centre Activations - Perth Children’s Hospital

Generous Herbalife Nutrition Independent Members have recently spent their time volunteering at CASA charities who are the beneficiaries of grants provided by the Herbalife Nutrition Foundation.

Five Herbalife Nutrition Independent Members visited the Fun on Four recreation space at Perth Children’s Hospital on Thursday 21 February 2019. Fun on Four aims to provide some moments of happiness and give children and their families a break from the hospital routine and distract them from the stress that can accompany medical procedures.

Our Herbalife Nutrition Members helped young patients participate in an animation workshop, which is just one of the very cool activities on offer. One of our enthusiastic Members volunteered to dress up as the Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation (PCHF) mascot, Stiches the Bear, and accompanied PCHF staff through the main area of the hospital handing out the Nutrition Activity Book that was funded by the Herbalife Nutrition Foundation.
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