Embrace your healthy active lifestyle in the garden!

Recently, a group of our Herbalife Nutrition employees spent the day volunteering at our Herbalife Family Foundation Casa Herbalife program The Infants’ Home in Sydney. They were able to get active gardening and cleaning in the children’s outdoor play areas. What a great opportunity to embrace a healthier and happier lifestyle while giving back to the community!

The children within The Infants’ Home have also been spending time out in the garden. This is an opportunity for them to gain an understanding of where their food comes from and the importance of eating fruit and vegetables. The children have taken great joy in their journey to create a new vegetable patch with their educator. They have been planting herbs (rosemary, parsley, mint) and lettuce, broad beans, carrots, and taking advantage of all the learning opportunities that gardening can provide: the lifecycle of plants, how weather and the environment can affect plant grow, and how to care for and nurture growing things.

Herbalife Nutrition is so proud to support The Infants’ Home’s nutrition education program through the Herbalife Family Foundation, and hope the children enjoy growing and tasting their fresh produce.
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