Herbalife Nutrition Foundation Bike Ride 2020


In January 2020, a group of 47 intrepid Herbalife Nutrition Independent Members rode 840km from Torquay to Adelaide in an epic effort to raise funds for Herbalife Nutrition Foundation, to aid nutrition education and support programs for children in need. Riders and crew raised an impressive $94,000 AUD for our 6 charity partners in Australia and New Zealand, which include The Infants’ Home in NSW, Lighthouse Foundation in VIC, Sunshine Butterflies in QLD, Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation in WA, Power Community Limited in SA and Life Education Trust in New Zealand. Third-time rider and first-time organiser Lynnet-Ann, said “We are so grateful that we have this worthwhile opportunity to give back to those in our communities who need and appreciate our help,” said Lynnet.


This event was reported in the following media as riders and crew made their journey:

  • ABC Radio Goulburn
  • Shepparton News
  • Noosa News
  • Noosa Today
  • Mortlake Dispatch
  • Collie Mail
  • Armstrong Creek Times, Victoria
  • Surf Coast Times, Torquay
  • Bellarine Times


Read more about the HNF Bike Ride 2020 here.
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