Herbalife Nutrition Gives Back to the Community


We all know that it’s important to give back to our community, any way we can. Not only does this have a positive social impact for those in need, but it helps us connect with one another to make our community stronger, and best of all – it feels great.


Created in 1994, the Herbalife Nutrition Foundation (HNF) is a non-profit organisation that provides a forum for Herbalife Nutrition Independent Members as well as staff to give back to the community through volunteering, donations and in-kind support.



Cycling for a Greater Good

A prime example of this is the group of 47 Herbalife Nutrition Independent Members that journeyed 840km from Torquay to Adelaide to complete HNF Bike Ride 2020 which raised an impressive $94,000 AUD for our charity partners in Australia and New Zealand. Third-time rider and first-time organiser Lynnet-Ann, said “We are so grateful that we have this worthwhile opportunity to give back to those in our communities who need and appreciate our help,” said Lynnet.


“The ride process before, during, and after is such a raw, exhilarating feeling with so much personal growth and development. Through the journeys, we have made friends that become family.”

Peter Hurley, General Manager and Director of Herbalife Nutrition Australia and New Zealand, who rode the last leg of the ride, said that he experienced firsthand the dedication and commitment of riders and crew.


“It was truly inspirational to ride alongside a determined group of Members on the sixth day of a demanding journey where they were giving everything they had, mentally and physically, to push through in a bid to deliver on our promise to provide better nutrition and education to kids around Australia and New Zealand,” said Peter.


“We are extremely proud of the generosity shown by the 2020 Herbalife Nutrition Foundation Bike Ride participants as well as all participants over the past seven years who have collectively raised more than $524,000 AUD, an exceptional effort.”



Bushfire Relief: from Global and Beyond

Where possible, Herbalife Nutrition also supports disaster relief. Herbalife Nutrition Global Office has donated $25,000 USD to the Australian Red Cross to support bushfire relief in Australia following the devastating summer of fires throughout the country which have been broadcast across the globe, and offered Australian Members the option of donating to the bushfire crisis when placing an order during the month of March. Members also took it upon themselves to provide support in bushfire affected communities where they could. Some Members donated Hydrate, a Herbalife Nutrition electrolyte drink, to firefighters battling blazes; others nominated their fit clubs as collection points for donations of food and goods for victims who lost their homes and other Member donated set percentages of sales for a period to bushfire relief funds.


We thank all our Members and staff for their generous and varied contributions to our community.

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