NEW flavour joins the Instant Herbal Beverage Range!


As a company whose purpose is to make the world healthier and happier, Herbalife Nutrition is proud to launch a new flavour to their Instant Herbal Beverage range. The new cinnamon flavour will add to the existing Original and Peach flavours.

With herbal teas having good nutritional benefits, Herbalife Nutrition’s Instant Herbal Beverage offers a delicious, low-calorie tea mix blending green tea and orange pekoe with cardamom seed. The new cinnamon flavour contains a Natural Sweetener – Stevia for an uplifting and revitalising taste. The beverage has natural sources of caffeine, which is known for its energising benefits.

Making the switch from coffee to tea can be beneficial in many ways. Drinking Instant Herbal Beverage can help increase water consumption so it can replenish fluids after sweating. While all teas have their unique benefits, green tea is known for its natural antioxidant properties and studies have shown that regular consumption can benefit your wellbeing.

This new flavour of the Instant Herbal Beverage will contribute to Herbalife Nutrition’s mission of ‘making the world healthier and happier’ with a wide range of nutritional products, flavours, and formulations providing inner and outer health throughout Australia and New Zealand.

We welcome you to visit our centres to taste this exciting new addition.


  • Natural Cinnamon Flavour
  • Natural Sources of Caffeine with energising benefits
  • Green Tea, known for its natural antioxidant properties
  • Low-calorie refreshment
  • Enjoy hot or cold

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