Fuding Special Olympics NZ Athlete’s Journey, 16.7.2015



Herbalife helps fund Special Olympics New Zealand athlete


Herbalife helps fund Special Olympics New Zealand Athlete’s Journey


Auckland, New Zealand, 16 July 2015 — Herbalife (NYSE: HLF) has announced its individual sponsorship of local New Zealand aquatics athlete, Monique Irvine who will participate in the 2015 Special Olympics World Summer Games. The sponsorship aligns with Herbalife’s global initiative as an official Games Supplier to assist in meeting the nutritional needs of athletes and coaches from 177 countries during their stay in Los Angeles for the Games.


Set to depart on 16th July, Monique has been provided a donation of USD $2,500 from Herbalife to support her in covering the cost of attending the Games along with Herbalife Nutrition product and branded apparel for her journey.


Rod Taylor, Herbalife General Manager, Australia and New Zealand said “We are incredibly proud to be supporting LA2015 as a Games Supplier and to partner with an organisation that embodies the positive impact of living a healthy active life. Specifically, we are thrilled to support Special Olympics New Zealand athlete Monique as she embarks on this journey to the World Summer Games. What a terrific opportunity for her to be able to showcase and compete against athletes from all over the world.


Monique’s commitment and dedication really serves as an inspiration towards the dedication, effort and commitment she has shown in achieving and reaching her goals. Herbalife is dedicated to changing people’s lives through good nutrition and encouraging healthy active lifestyles. We see this as an opportunity to partner with an association who also shares our vision, and empower our Members and staff to engage with the community.”


Monique has been training with Special Olympics since the age of six. Now at the age of 24, aquatics is an integral part of her life competing in a total of four National Summer Games.


“The World Summer Games has been my ultimate goal, my dream. It will be fantastic to represent New Zealand, and do all the people who have helped me train proud. I am not only doing this for me but all my fellow athletes at Howick Pakuranga Special Olympics who have all supported me.” said Monique.


Herbalife will help Monique during her stay in LA for the two weeks and will go towards expenses such as food and travel. Herbalife has also provided Monique with product from the Herbalife Nutrition range to assist with nutritional requirements during her training and competing.


Monique said “I like the taste of Herbalife products, especially the Protein Bars. They are yummy and help maintain my energy!”


The Special Olympics World Summer Games 2015 is being held from 25th July to 2nd August in Los Angeles.


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