Sedentary lifestyles putting workforce in Australia at risk


Herbalife’s Nutrition At Work Survey Reveals Sedentary lifestyles putting workforce in Australia at risk of obesity

AUSTRALIA, April 13, 2016 – A ‘Nutrition at Work’ survey conducted by Herbalife across the Asia Pacific has revealed that the majority of the Australian workforce lead largely sedentary lifestyles, putting them at risk of obesity. The Survey, which was designed to understand the lifestyle habits and attitudes of Asia Pacific’s modern workforce, was conducted in March with 5,500 full-time workers across 11 countries, including Australia.

According to the survey findings;

  • 68% of Australians spend 6 or more hours a day at their desk
  • 34% of Australians eat their lunch at their desk 4-5 days per week
  • 48% of Australians do half an hour or less of physical activity during their working day
  • 50% of Australians claim they are more inclined to stay active if it is a part of the companies culture
  • 84% of Australians thought that weight gain could arise from a sedentary lifestyle

The risk of obesity could be averted if Australian workers decide to take control of their own nutritional intake and exercise regimen. Six out of 10 workers in Australia (60 percent) affirmed that they strive to live a healthy, active life; however, 43% of them noted that they find it difficult to find the time to stay active during workdays, and 24% state that they simply forget to make active choices.

Interestingly, four out of 10 Millennials (35+) claimed to get an hour or more of exercise per day in their workplace, compared with just two out of 10 (21 percent) of non-millennials, aged 18-34.

Herbalife recently launched its fifth Asia Pacific Wellness Tour 2016, aimed at addressing health issues associated with sedentary lifestyles and deepening the practical understanding on the benefits of healthy, active lifestyles. Held during the months of April and May 2016, this year’s tour featured an important new addition: Dr. Darren Burgess.

Dr Burgess is an expert in sports science and nutrition, and also has an extensive background of knowledge and experience in education and training. Dr. Burgess is currently Head of High Performance at Port Adelaide Football (AFL) Club. Prior to this appointment, Dr. Burgess was Head of Fitness and Conditioning at Liverpool Football Club (EPL) and has a background in sports science and fitness coaching for many top Australian national and regional sporting organizations. Dr Burgess is the very first Australian to be appointed to the Herbalife Nutrition Advisory Board, and joins a team of experts committed to raising public awareness and advancing the science of nutrition globally.

As part of his position on the Wellness Tour and as the newest NAB doctor, Dr Burgess has supported the recent study with his top three tips for maintaining your health at work:

  • If you’re in a desk-based job, make an effort to move at least every hour. This will not only increase your caloric expenditure but also help prevent muscles getting stiff and sore through inactivity!
  • Try to exercise in the morning on the way to work and before breakfast. Exercising before you eat tends to promote fat utilization. You’re less likely to exercise at the end of a busy day, even if you have every intention to!
  • If you’re consuming food at your desk, make sure you prepare and bring your food with you to the office. Waiting until lunch to consider your food options is more likely to lead to poor choices


Dr Darren Burgess is available for comment.

Herbalife’s Nutrition At Work Survey was conducted in March 2016, with 5,500 respondents aged 18 and above, from Australia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

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