NZ Vacation


The 2018 New Zealand Vacation Qualifiers touched down on the beautiful Island of Samoa for an unforgettable Vacation.

Samoa is a treasured island of the South Pacific with reef-bordered beaches, rugged rainforest interiors and spectacular waterfalls.

Vacation Kicked-off on Thursday 22 November, with the level three qualifiers exploring a gorgeous reef on a snorkelling tour, followed by a private lunch held on the shores of the Sheraton Samoa Beach Resort.

As the remaining Qualifiers and their families joined Vacation in paradise, they were welcomed with uninterrupted views of the Pacific Ocean and a tradition Samoan Warrior greeting to the Island.

Each morning our Members recharged with a fully stocked shake bar and each evening they were surprised with Vacation goodies delivered to their rooms.

Whist most chose to relax and unwind; others explored Samoa and its beautiful treasures.
The ‘Vacay Kids’ were also treated to endless hours of swimming in the resort pool and beach activities.

Throughout the entire Vacation they experienced perfect tropical conditions!

To conclude the incredible Vacation experience, members were invited to join the Final Hurrah dinner under the magical fairy tree, set in the secret garden of the Sheraton Samoa Beach Resort.

Our qualifiers were treated to a sit down dinner, Herbalife Nutrition products, tradition Samoan performances and a DJ.

As we prepare to farewell 2018, we look forward to 2019 with great anticipation.

We can wait to welcome our biggest group yet to Fiji in 2019 – see you there!


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